Krav Maga Education is a Krav Maga Global Training Provider 

Who can attend?

KMG Trainees who hold the a grade of P3 or above, and wish to achieve Assistant Instructor Status to assist in their local classes.

Those who hold the grade of P3 or above in KMG, and who have a recommendation for their KMG Instructor as potentially being a  'good fit' to become an Instructor.

Martial Arts Instructors with a solid background in a striking art, who are interested in teaching Krav Maga to their existing student base or, to open a new school or programme.

Krav Maga Instructors who have certified with other Krav Maga organisations, who wish to 'map across' to KMG.

Personal Safety/Officer Safety Instructors from public or private sector organisations who hold a relevant teaching qualification and have a defensive tactics background.

Duration: 5 hours

Following your PIDD, should you progress to your Level 1 course, then the cost of your PIDD is credited towards the cost of your Level 1 course.

Potential Instructors Development Day

Saturday 15 February 2020

Cost: £49

Location:  National Training Centre, Battlesbridge, Essex
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